What is Breadfruit Media?

Breadfruit Media is a podcasting company that provides strategy, show development and production of stories by Caribbean Americans on a variety of topics reflecting the diversity of experiences of the Caribbean’s global diaspora. The mission is to elevate the voices and stories of the Caribbean & its Diaspora, one podcast at a time.

"Lif' up the voice of di people dem"

What's with the name?

Breadfruit is a tropical tree that yields an abundance of a nutritious, energy rich food and is considered almost a complete meal. It is also one of the few trees and resulting food that most Caribbean Islands call by the same name.

Since it is almost a complete meal and all Caribbean Islands recognize it and call it by the same name:  

Breadfruit Media = Complete representation of the Caribbean and the stories that will eventually be told.

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown


In addition to being the founder of Breadfruit Media, I'm the host and founder of Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast which I started in 2015. 

Before I started Carry On Friends, I record and produce announcements for church. And I knew I my love for producing was solidified when I got a chance to produce an episode of an online radio show. 

I'm excited about this new adventure where I get to collaborate with storytellers to create amazing content that aligns with their brand while elevating the Caribbean, her Diaspora and her Culture.